We are building an inspiring set of resources for you to explore!

Get Connected

Find links that keep you informed onĀ  the latest news and updates from UK fisheries & seafood

Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs)

Info and links on the FMPs and advice to get involved

FITF Talks

Fishermen-led informal conversations on important topics

Jargon Buster

Breaking down some of the terms used in the fishing industry, fisheries science and fisheries management

Fishing to Net Zero

We’ve collected together a wide range information on reducing carbon emissions & using alternative fuels

Who’s Who in UK Fisheries

A visual map of the key players across fisheries and the seafood sector


Hone your skills to engage with others and get yourself heard


See what opportunities are available and advice on how to access funds which are right for you

Available Funding & Grants

We have complied a list of grants and funding opportunities for fisheries & seafood

Consultations, Calls for Evidence & Research Surveys

Find out about current opportunities to have your say

Managing Money

Resources to advise on making informed financial choices

Women in Fishing

Explore the role of women in fisheries and find networking opportunities


Resources to help you stay safe at sea

Health & Wellbeing

Working at Sea can impact your mental & physical health – find support and information here.

Careers in Fishing and Seafood

A collection of guidance, advice, blogs and connections to support getting into the industry and fishing careers

Fisheries Management

Frameworks, decision making and getting involved

Marine Science

The Scientific Study of the Oceans and its Relationship with the Planet

Set up a Fishing Association

Guidance for setting up a new Fishing Association


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