Women in Fishing

Women work in many roles, all across the sector

from fish capture to trading, processing, supply chain management, administration, marketing, scientific research, policy and enforcement.

Find out more about the women of the past and present who make up the fishing industry

Women’s roles in the industry range from the traditional to the less traditional

Traditional roles have included crafts such as mending and making nets to the administration of the crew, vessel and catch.

These women often play a central role in families, communities and the future of the industry through supplementing their partners income and investing their time into educating people about the sector, promotion of the industry and helping to shape policy towards a more prosperous future.

(source Women in Fisheries Policy briefing 2020)

credit: Seafish
Credit: Seafish

There are more and more women bosses out there

who are running fisheries associations, co-ops, producer organisations, charities and fisheries training companies to name a few

(source Women in Fisheries Policy briefing 2020)

Fishing into the Future is proud to have so many woman on board

The Charity is led by Emma Plotkek the Executive Director and Alexa Dayton, Hazel Curtis, Ashley Mullenger and Hannah Fennel as Trustees

See who is at the helm of Fishing Into The Future

Emma Plotnek, Executive Director of FIFT

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