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There are so many sources providing regular communications and updates – here are some links to help you stay in the loop

DEFRA Marine & Fisheries updates

Regular fisheries specific e-mails and newsletters from DEFRA, with information on funds, consultations & more. Follow this link or request to be added to the mailing list by messaging

Scottish Fishermen’s Federation News

News and updates from the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation

Fisheries APPG

A neutral group founded by MPs for debate, discussion and learning. Click here to join the mailing list for information on their regular seminars and newsletters

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) Fishers and Exporters newsletter

A round-up of the latest news and developments for the fishing and seafood industry

MMO Marine Planning Newsletter

Updates from the MMO Marine Planning Team, including plans, surveys and projects.

Seafish Common Language Group (CLG)

A group to bring together people who want to know more about the environmental, legal and production issues facing the UK seafood supply chain. Follow the link to receive regular newsletters & invites to bitesize meetings.

Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) Newsletter

CEFAS homepage with regular news updates

Fathom Podcast

The only commercial fishing podcast in the UK, breaking down complex policies and fisheries management into short easy-to-understand episodes. Hosted by the CFPO.

Fishing into the Future Talks

See our previous talks and join the mailing list for these regular fishermen-led conversations on important topics. Message

Seafood Matters Podcast

Host Jim Cowie gets below the surface of the seafood industry with fishermen, fisheries scientists and leading industry voices.

Future of our Inshore Fisheries

An industry-led project with the long-term aim of transforming how inshore fisheries are managed. Sign up for e-mail updates from Future of our Inshore Fisheries

Fishing News

Fishing news is a weekly newspaper and website. Sign up for their newsletter for the latest news and features about UK and Irish commercial fishing

Through the Gaps

Newlyn based Laurence Hartwell puts together a blog with current news & information, along with some great images.

The Fishing Daily

News platform & podcasts for fishing and seafood industry news from Ireland, Scotland and the UK.

Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS)

Send out regular newsletters with academic & marine science information (such as reports, vacancies, events & funding)

Fisheries Management Plans (FMP)

We are working on this! More information coming soon

Regional Fisheries Groups (RFG)

We are working on this! More information coming soon

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