The FISP Network updates

The fishing industry have been responding to the Fisheries Industry Science Partnership (FISP) Network

with their ideas for research projects that fulfil the criteria of Defra’s £10 million Fisheries Industry Science Partnership (FISP) scheme.

The Network, on behalf of the industry, is now working with the scientific community to develop these ideas further and obtain funding.

The Fishing Animateurs identify and collate industry-driven ideas, connect industry with academic institutes, and help to write grant application bids.

Fishing into the Future can help to develop the ideas further by supporting stakeholder relationships and facilitating knowledge sharing between industry, science and government.

The Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust offer match-funding for bids nurtured through the FISP network and approved under the FISP scheme. Funds are capped at £2,000 for Part A and £30,000 for Part B of the FISP scheme

More information about the FISP scheme can be found on the UK Government website

For further information or to tell us about your idea and/or study, please contact The Fisheries Animateurs using the contact form or 

Call: 01736 362782 to leave a message about your project idea.
Text: 07534580450 with your name, project theme and size of vessel.



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