How does Science, Industry & Fishing Connect?

Information from the Industry feeds into science and management, and back into the industry

This simple flow chart below shows how science and management is driven by a linked annual cycle – in which fishing operates.

Science can support the design of management plans

through assessing their implications for stock sustainability and robustness under the precautionary approach. However, agreement to design and implement a plan has to be made at a political level and is subject to political constraints.

Scientific assessments assess the status of the stock in relation to reference points

for example MSY, and provides advice for management on Total Allowable Catches, technical measures to improve selectivity or other measures.

Scientific assessments therefore provide the evidence base to support decision-making and political agreement to agree future management measures

There will be a meeting of government representatives from the States(s) exploiting the stocks; here the stock status information and future projections from the assessment are used to agree future management measures, such as catch limits.

source Guide to Fisheries Management

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