What Makes a Scientist?

What makes a scientist?

If you work in the fishing industry – you are probably looking for anyone with higher education, a few years of experience, and someone carrying out research or active work within marine and fisheries science or technology.

They may be referred to as a Marine Scientist, Fisheries Scientist, Marine Ecologist, Social Scientists, Data Scientist, Marine Engineer, Technology Specialist etc…

For example…

a physical oceanographer may look at tide, current & wind patterns, social scientists may look at the human impacts of fisheries management or quota distribution, a space scientist may measure sea surface temperature from satellite data, and a technologist may look at gear adaptations to reduce bycatch or improve traceability in the seafood supply chain.

They may work collecting and analysing data in offices & in labs, at sea on research vessels or fishing boats – and are likely based within universities and institutes, fishing businesses and tech companies, in government funded research bodies (like Marine Scotland Science, CEFAS, Natural England), and sometimes within scientific departments of government institutions.

Who isn’t a scientist?

Key people and organisations working within the fishing industry are informed by science, and may have scientists working with them – but are NOT scientists or research institutes.

It is important to note this, as you may need to use critical thinking, or fact check information with people in the know. Also if you want to raise an issue or concern – you should make sure you are directing it to the right person.

Some examples to consider…

The media and celebrity chefs may be informed by science – and can influence public opinion and consumer choice

Environmental organisations and conservation groups are informed by science and may have scientists and research groups working with them.

Politicians and civil servants are informed by science and are also balancing economic and social factors. This may also be influenced by political lobby!

See our stakeholder map to navigate your way around who’s who in the UK Fishing and Seafood sector

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