Women With a Platform

We would like to introduce you to some of the female fishermen who are making waves in the industry

Ashley Mullenger

The Female Fishermen, Norfolk

Sarah Ready

Withy pot maker & female fisherman

But what does it mean to be a female fishermen?

These women won’t be defined by their gender, instead focusing on making changes and using their platforms for positive change

Ashley Mullenger, the Female Fisherman from Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk (@thefemalefisherman)

Ashley brings down to earth, good humoured and well rounded opinions to debunk some of the myths of the fishing industry.

She is a full time commercial fishermen and a trustee of Fishing into the Future



Credit: @thefemalefisherman

Have a look at how Ashley uses her platform to inform and educate people on what it is like to be a fishermen



Credit: @Girlyfisheman on Instagram

Sarah Ready is a withy pot maker, female fisherman, business owner and administrator of the New Under Ten Fishermen’s Association¬†

Sarah is a prominent person in the fishing industry – working on projects from plastic free fisheries to electric fishing vessels



Have a look at some of her inspirational work


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