Home & Dry Campaign

With ILO 188 in force, the law now sets health and safety responsibilities on all vessel owners, skippers and fishers.

This is a campaign created with support from the fishing industry, to share vital information on fishing safety.

You can find advice on how to reduce the risk of capsizing and reminders to skippers and fishing vessel owners to do their stability and freeboard checks

Capsizing due to insufficient stability is a major cause of fatalities for fishing vessels under 24m in length, especially those under 15m.

The main causes of capsizing are:

Vessel modifications
Free surface effect

Once you lose stability, there is no going back.

Know your limits. Check the stability of your vesselĀ 

Home and Dry is run by the Fishing Industry Safety Group.

Who have put together three safety campaigns to raise awareness around man overboard prevention and vessel stability.

Know your limits. Check the stability of your vessel. #HomeAndDry #KnowYourLimits

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