Funding & Grants Available

Currently open grants and funds within the Seafood Industry across the UK

If you need further support and guidance with funding applications you can contact the FISHING ANIMATEURS

OPEN: UK SEAFOOD FUND (UKSF) Infrastructure Round 3: Fleet Modernisation (UPDATED!)

Grant funding available to trial replacement engines in the Small-Scale Coastal Fleet. Until 13th Dec 2023.

OPEN: I-VMS grant payments system

Fishers will be able to claim up to £1,050 per vessel through the MMO grant reclaim process that goes towards purchasing a device and the initial installation costs. Deadline 30th November.

OPEN: Marine Fund Scotland

A £14 million funding package to contribute to Scotland’s blue economy

OPEN: Department for Transport (DfT) & Innovate UK Zero Emission Vessels and Infrastructure (ZEVI)

Government funding to help decarbonise the UK’s maritime sector. Projects to develop, deploy and operate clean maritime solutions.

FULLY ALLOCATED: Fisheries & Seafood Scheme (FaSS)

The Fisheries and Seafood Scheme (FaSS) is fully allocated for 2023

OPEN: Isle of Man Fisheries Grants

Fisheries, business development and innovation grants


Building capacity in coastal communities

Health and Safety Funding for Welsh Fishermen

The Welsh Marine and Fisheries Scheme to improve health and safety for fishers and aquaculture workers. Up to £10,000 available for each application.

OPEN: Fishmongers’ Company Grants

Grants for smaller programmes aligned with a vision to support a better future for the UK’s seafood industry.

OPEN: The Seafarers’ Charity

Provide grant funding to support charities & non profits to deliver welfare services to seafarers, fishers and their families.

OPEN: Scottish Fishermen’s Trust (SFT)

Support a number of projects in the UK with various objectives. Contact Deadlines for applications  4/05/23, 13/07/23 & 6/10/23.

OPEN: Resource Legacy Fund – Sustainable Fisheries Fund

Grants for Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) to implement Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy

CLOSED: UK Seafood Fund (UKSF) Skills and Training Round 2

Now closed

Closed: Round 1 – Welsh Marine and Fisheries Scheme. Marketing Measures

Now closed

CLOSED: Welsh Fishing Industry Seafood Support grants.

Now closed

What is the differences between FaSS and the UK Seafood Fund?

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