Cameras on pots to assess crustacean abundance

Cameras are put on the inside and outside of crab and lobster creel pots to count the abundance of wild populations in comparison to how many are caught, addressing data deficiencies in crustacean fisheries

“We are delighted to be collaborating with HFIG and our other partners on the new FISP crustacean camera project. Our pot-mounted sensors will allow us to better understand the abundance and behaviour of crabs and lobsters around fishing gear, helping us to improve crustacean stock assessment. The project allows us to work directly with industry to answer key fisheries questions and brings three geographically distinct fisheries together to share expertise and look at the broader picture.”

Dr Julie Bremner, Cefas

“Orkney Sustainable Fisheries are pleased to announce we will be involved with the exciting new Holderness fishing industry group (HFIG) project “Use of new technology to address data deficiencies in assessment of static gear crustacean fisheries. We are looking forward to seeing how this project develops and working to trial new technologies in the Orkney creel fishery."

Claire Lambden, Orkney Sustainable Fisheries, Ltd

“Collaboration with industry is key to enhancing fisheries management. We are very pleased, through our work with Isle of Man fishers, to take part in this exciting project which will provide much needed data to improve our abilities in crab and lobster stock assessment.”

Prof Stuart Jenkins, School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University

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